Welcome to DecodingSteve.com! This is my place on the web for all things programming and technology related. You may find posts here on anything from the world of professional software development to my experiments with new programming languages, virtual reality, or anything in between. My interests vary quite a bit when it comes to tech, and you’re likely to see that reflected here.

As for me, my name is Steve Lewis. I’ve been a programmer for over ten years, mostly working with web-technologies, but I’ve dabbled in some other things as well. Aside from programming, one of my other passions is writing and teaching, which is a big part of the reason this site exists. If something I write here is helpful or enlightening to someone else, then I’ll consider it worth the effort.

That said, I’m not a prolific writer by any means. I can’t guarantee that content will be added on a regular basis, or that anything I write will necessarily follow a theme or track.